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How do you know when it’s may be time to consider accessing Home Care services?

You have noticed:

  • Signs of memory loss or confusion
  • Forgetting to take prescribed medication
  • Home is poorly managed or unclean
  • Recent fall(s) or fear of falling
  • Poor eating habits and / or food spoiling on counter or in refrigerator
  • Poor hygiene; unclean hair; wearing the same cloths day after day
  • Antisocial behavior, withdrawn from activities they once enjoyed
  • Received a resent diagnosis which was upsetting or that they deny exists
  • Recent injury or surgery causing decreased mobility or the ability to care for self
  • Wandering or getting lost in an area which was once familiar
  • Sleep pattern disruptions i.e. awake and wondering at night
  • Care givers (you) are experience symptoms of “care giver and burnout”

If you have answered Yes to one or more of these items, you might want to be proactive and consider exploring the services available within the Home.

Home care can help you to achieve better balance…

  • Be “Proactive”,
  • “Plan” ahead (as best you can)
  • Prevent unnecessary injury or stress
  • Participate in planning care for your loved one.