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RN Vision Testing

Vision screening can include: Far vision test (Snellen Chart), near vision test (Jaear-Snellen Chart), colour vision and peripheral vision fields’ assessment.

Total Nursing Care Inc. can provide employers with Ishihara (colour vision testing), Snellen (vision acuity testing), Stereo Fly (depth perception testing).


RN Medical Exams

These face-to-face exams performed by care professionals establishes the baseline health status and fitness for entry into employment. Total Nursing Care Inc. has the great benefits utilize the expertise of several of our Registered Nurses with expertise ranging from 15 – 40 years experience as a nurse with extensive physical assessment skills.

Periodic Physicals are needed to meet demands of many workplace environments require periodic medical exams to re-certify fitness to perform duties in safety sensitive or harsh environments.


RN Back Assessment

In addition to a general employment medical, a more comprehensive pre-placement back assessment can be added, further focusing the exam on questions and assessments specifically focusing on the back and extremities.


RN Health Teaching

Total Nursing Care Inc. nurse provide education on a variety of health related topics. Providing researched base, best practice information and literature. Our nurse’s utilize appropriate teaching techniques and education taking into consideration each employee learning abilities.


RN Proper Lifting Assessment

Total Nursing Care Inc. nurse reviews, demonstrates and provide the employee rationale regarding proper body mechanics. Employee will demonstrate to nurse their understanding by using proper body mechanic while lifting 2 x 20lbs weights within the clinic setting.


RN Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Utilizing medical history, examination details and laboratory blood testing an evidence based risk assessment can be designed for the individual. This promotes employee wellness and assists in determining save work site placement and safe return to work guidelines.


RN/RPN Nasal pharyngeal COVID-19 testing

Vision Testing
RN Assessment
RN Back Assessment